The Brazilian Roots concept was originally created in 2019 by Ilka França Kappert.
Shortly after moving to the Netherlands our founder was aiming to make this country her new home. Acting as an entrepreneur in Brazil for three years, she added her desire to begin her entrepreneurial journey in her new hometown of Amsterdam, in honor of her beloved Brazil.

During the hard pandemic times in 2020, she together with many beloved friends and family validated the restaurant by delivering Feijoada through the whole country. Didn’t take long for the company to grow and became referenced by Brazilians, Latinos and Dutchs.

“I’m very happy to merge cultures and bring our Roots to the heart of the city of Amsterdam – Rembrandtplein square. The Brazilian Roots is more than a restaurant, it’s a place where you feel home or teleporter to Brazil by the taste, warmth vibe, music, language, flavors & smells that only we can offer. “

Ilka França Kappert.